Neuropathy is experienced by nearly 20 million Americans.

With pain, numbness, and burning - it can be debilitating and life-changing.

Neuropathy Pain Relief in Orchard, TX

Neuropathy refers to a condition characterized by damage or dysfunction of the peripheral nerves, which are responsible for transmitting signals between the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) and the rest of the body. Neuropathy is caused by conditions including diabetes, infections, traumatic injuries, autoimmune diseases, and exposure to certain toxins. As a consequence of nerve damage, individuals with neuropathy often experience a range of symptoms such as pain, tingling, numbness, and weakness in the affected areas.

Neuropathy can significantly impact a person's quality of life, affecting mobility and daily activities. Neuropathy is more than painful - it's also stressful, bothersome, and all-encompassing. It causes both men and women to become reclusive, depressed, and unable to enjoy life. If you're suffering from neuropathy, you might feel like all hope is lost. But the team at Texas Nerve and Spine are here to help.

Neuropathy relief in Orchard, TX, is more achievable than you might think, and it doesn't need to involve harmful surgeries or addictive pain medications.

Service Areas

The Texas Nerve and Spine Difference


At our nerve and spine clinic in Orchard, TX, we have a simple philosophy: Treat every patient the same way that you would treat your parent, spouse, or child if they were patients at Texas Nerve and Spine. As a family-owned and operated institution, that's just the way we do business. While some spine and nerve pain clinics focus solely on monetary transactions and ROI, we prefer to put our patients' needs first before anything else. And that, in a nutshell, is what sets Texas Nerve and Spine apart from all the others.

We supplement our patient-first philosophy with innovative neuropathy therapies. Our therapies restore our patients' health while correcting the underlying causes of their nerve issues without relying on damaging pharmaceutical drugs or expensive, invasive surgeries.

It all starts with our unique Brain to Body system - a cutting-edge approach developed specifically for people with chronic pain and nerve diseases. This system helps treat patients suffering from a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Post-Surgical Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Problems with Balance
  • Vertigo
  • Herniated Discs
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Extremity Tingling and Numbness
  • Migraines

If you're in search of lasting relief and world-class therapies for neuropathy, our team is here to serve you.

How the Brain to Body System Provides Neuropathy Relief in Orchard, TX

To reverse neuropathy, areas of the body that have become weak due to disease or injury must be restrengthened. This encompasses your brain, nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and cells. Our experts at Texas Nerve and Spine developed the most advanced chronic pain and neuropathy therapy system to do all of this and more, and we call it the Brain to Body System.

From chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy and extremity numbness to diabetic neuropathy and sciatica, our Brain to Body System helps restore your health and corrects the causes of your problems. Unlike treatments from other nerve and spine clinics, our system provides long-term relief without relying on invasive surgeries or dangerously addictive pharmaceutical medications.

To understand how our Brain to Body System solves chronic pain and similar conditions like nerve disease, you need a basic knowledge of the conditions themselves. That way, you can understand why so many who suffer from them rarely improve.

Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatments Orchard, TX
Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatments Orchard, TX


Neuropathy is nerve damage that causes pain, numbness, and burning in the extremities. This is a type of condition that does not get better on its own and it doesn't alleviate after the use of traditional medical treatments or prescription pain meds.

Pain from neuropathy causes a domino effect; it starts with inflammation, leading to decreased blood supply. This reduction in blood supply results in a lack of oxygen. When your body doesn't get enough oxygen, it loses crucial nutrients that your body needs. This progressive effect often leads to long-term problems such as:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Motor-Function Loss
  • Loss of Sensation
  • Muscular Atrophy
  • Loss of Movement
  • Depression

But with our Brain to Body Strengthening System, patients suffering from neuropathy build strength through rehabilitation. This advanced system helps:

  • Stimulate New Nerve Pathways
  • Strengthen and Grow Muscles
  • Promote Cellular Repair
  • Improve Circulation and Blood Flow

Our Brain to Body System is central to our approach to neuropathy relief in Orchard, TX. By following our system, we can provide several services to patients suffering from neuropathy.


EWOT: Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

Breathing in higher levels of oxygen helps to improve your health. Exercise with Oxygen Therapy is a technique that increases oxygen circulation at a more rapid pace than oxygen therapy alone.

How Does EWOT Work?

At Texas Nerve and Spine, our doctors use the NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainer. This specialized machine trains your muscles, brain, and nerves to work together, which supports your body's whole healing processes. While using the NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainer, patients are hooked up to an oxygen generator to enjoy the benefits of EWOT and reach their neuropathy relief goals.

When you oxygenate your blood with EWOT, it can have amazing benefits that can:

  • Restore Blood Flow
  • Improve Oxygen Circulation
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Boost Energy
  • Increase Strength
Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatments Orchard, TX

Flexion/Distraction Therapy

Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatments Orchard, TX

Many patients who visit Texas Nerve and Spine are suffering from neuropathy, due to spinal issues. This requires specialized kind of care from highly trained doctors. If you're in search of a safe, gentle, controlled treatment for nerve and spinal pain, Flexion Distraction therapy may be for you.

How Does Flexion/Distraction Therapy Work?

Finding relief for this type of condition and pain is often easier said than done. Fortunately, relief is right around the corner at Texas Nerve and Spine. Our Flexion/Distraction Table stretches the spine safely and gently, allowing injured tissue and damaged discs the chance to heal and become hydrated, which lets the affected area recover more effectively and efficiently, while taking the pressure off the nerves that cause the neuropathy.

Patients looking for neuropathy relief in Orchard, TX choose Flexion/Distraction therapy because it:

  • Reduces Spinal Pain
  • Fosters Healing in Damaged Discs
  • Removes Pressure on Spinal Nerves
  • Is Non-Invasive
  • Is Cost-Effective
  • Does Not Require Downtime
  • Has No Risk of Infection
  • Provides Quicker, Easier Healing

Laser Therapy

With more than 20 million people in the U.S. suffering from neuropathy, it makes sense that most of them want a solution that does not require pain medication or invasive surgery. That's where laser therapy from Texas Nerve and Spine comes into play. Laser therapy has been used for therapeutic purposes in medical environments for years. In fact, it is FDA-approved and backed by more than 2,500 research studies, which have demonstrated its efficacy in neuropathy relief in Orchard, TX.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Though laser therapy is a common treatment option, not all lasers are the same. Our Class IV laser therapy, used in all applicable programs, is the most efficacious and powerful laser available for tissue healing and regeneration and healing. Class IV lasers use photobiomodulation, which provides excellent results for Musculoskeletal disorders. This process has also been proven to help with other various conditions that cause chronic pain, such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, shoulder pain, and much more.

Our chronic pain patients choose laser therapy from Texas Nerve and Spine because it:

  • Provides Significant Relief Without Pain or Side Effects
  • Cost-Effective
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Boost Blood Flow
  • Accelerate Tissue Repair
Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatments Orchard, TX
Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatments Orchard, TX

Motor Function Re-Training Therapy

When your motor functions are limited or non-existent from neuropathy, it can ruin your life. You lose the ability to be independent - one of the hallmarks of being human. Fortunately, with Motor Function Retraining Therapy at Texas Nerve and Spine, patients suffering from neuropathy related motor function issues have a light at the end of the tunnel. This type of specialized physical therapy helps people recover from neuropathy that leaves their motor functions lacking. The goal of Motor Function Retraining Therapy is to regain coordination and strength.

Motor Function Retraining Therapy is a crucial part of the motor function rehabilitation process because it helps patients regain the independence they lost. It helps patients return to their original level of motor function or better.

Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatments Orchard, TX
Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatments Orchard, TX

How Does Motor Function Re-Training Work?

Based on our Brain to Body Strengthening System, our experts design custom exercise programs based on the patient's needs. We may also use electrical stimulation and other modalities for more effective sessions and recovery.

Motor Function Retraining Therapy provides many benefits, including:

  • Improved Flexibility
  • More Strength
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Re-Claim Independence
  • More Independence
Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatments Orchard, TX

Myofascial Release Therapy

Myofascial Release Therapy gives patients neuropathy relief in Orchard, TX, and boosts mobility by loosening tight muscles. There are similarities to traditional massages, however, Myofascial Release Therapy focuses on soft tissues and the muscular system in your body to relieve tension and stress on muscles.

How Does Myofascial Release Therapy Work?

Tight muscles have reduced blood flow and less oxygen, leading to restricted movement and intense pain. Our system uses state-of-the-art technology to apply acute, high-velocity vibration directly to the affected tissue to provide the patient with the environment necessary to increase mobility and reduce pain.

Benefits of this type of therapy include:

  • Improved Tissue Recovery
  • Reduced Soreness
  • Improved Range of Motion
  • Increases Blood Flow
  • Better Neuromuscular Efficiency

Neuro Impulse Therapy

When the nerves are weakened, due to neuropathy, pain develops, inflammation increases, and blood flow decreases. If you're searching for a safe, effective way to deal with painful spine related nerve issues Neuro Impulse Therapy may be a great option for neuropathy relief in Orchard, TX. Unlike common chiropractic therapies, this advanced therapy does not involve any "cracking" or significant adjustments.

How Does Neuro Activation Wall Therapy Work?

Any type of injury can cause dysfunction and weakness in your brain. To improve cognition and the neurological connection between the brain, the muscles, and the nerves, some injured patients choose to undergo Interactive Neurocognitive Therapy using our Neuro Activation Wall. This wall retains, strengthens, and restores proper function to the brain and nervous system without relying on medications or invasive therapies.

Neuro Impulse Therapy works by using very specific impulses directed at the area causing pain. These targeted impulses send a signal to your body so that it can begin healing and repairing your body naturally.

Texas Nerve and Spine patients choose Neuro Impulse Therapy because it:

  • Improves Cognition
  • Strengthens Damaged Nerves
  • Boosts Balance and Mobility
  • Is Non-Invasive
  • Does Not Require Addictive Medicines
  • Does Not Require Recovery Time
  • Does Not Present Any Risk of Infection
Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatments Orchard, TX

Peripheral Neuropathy Rehabilitation

Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatments Orchard, TX

Peripheral neuropathy occurs when there is a lack of blood flow to the nerves in areas like your feet and hands. When these nerves are devoid of blood, they begin to decay and degenerate because they don't have enough oxygen or nutrients. Eventually, the nerves in your body shrivel up, causing pain, numbness, balance problems, and other painful symptoms.

How Does Peripheral Neuropathy Rehabilitation Work?

Our Brain to Body program works wonders for neuropathy issues like these by using state-of-the-art technology like laser therapy and personalized, strategic plans of action created around our patient's needs. If you're looking for both short and long-term pain relief from peripheral neuropathy, this could be the solution you need.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal conditions that cause neuropathy range in severity from bearable to crippling. To get to the bottom of your spine conditions, our team uses X-Rays to pinpoint the location of your spine's disease. From there, we craft a custom rehabilitation program that addresses the underlying causes of your pain and neuropathy.

Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatments Orchard, TX
Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatments Orchard, TX

How Does Spinal Decompression Therapy Work?

Spinal decompression works by gently stretching the spine. When the spine is stretched, it changes its position. This change relieves pressure off the discs in your spine, which act as cushions in your back. By creating negative pressure, herniated and bulging discs retract, giving the nerves and structures in your back relief. This relief sends nutrient-rich fluids and oxygen to the discs so they can heal properly.

Your Path to Neuropathy Relief Starts at Texas Nerve and Spine

Neuropathy can be debilitating. But it doesn't have to be permanent. Your journey to a neuropathy-free life starts with a simple four-step process at Texas Nerve and Spine:


Identify the Root Cause of Your Neuropathy

At Texas Nerve and Spine, our doctors understand that true neuropathy relief in Orchard, TX, won't happen until we can uncover its underlying cause(s). Our specialists will perform detailed exams and review your medical history to understand the full scope of your condition.


Develop a Plan for Healing

Once we have discovered the underlying reasons for your neuropathy, it's time to begin healing. Our team will work together to craft a personalized treatment plan to provide long-term relief for your neuropathy.


Provide a Plan of Care

Our team has the experience and resources to provide you with your plan of care. This plan will be based on your needs and our Brain to Body Strengthening System, giving you the relief you deserve - naturally.


Continued Support

Neuropathy relief cannot be accomplished without a tested system and a purpose-driven team that supports your recovery. That's why our expert staff will assess your journey to recovery and be there for support every step of the way. Because when you are a patient at Texas Nerve and Spine, you're never alone.

Latest News in Orchard, TX

Apple Picking in Texas: The 12 Best Orchards and Farms

Apple picking is a great way to spend an autumn day with the ones you love most. Apple farms typically have a myriad of fall activities during the apple-picking season. You might find hay rides, a pumpkin patch, farm animals, and more!Although autumn in Texas is a bit warmer than in other places around the country, there are still plenty of farms that host apple-picking for the public. Grab ...

Apple picking is a great way to spend an autumn day with the ones you love most. Apple farms typically have a myriad of fall activities during the apple-picking season. You might find hay rides, a pumpkin patch, farm animals, and more!

Although autumn in Texas is a bit warmer than in other places around the country, there are still plenty of farms that host apple-picking for the public. Grab your wicker basket and let’s take a look at the ones worth checking out!

The Best Apple-Picking Farms in Texas

1. Greer Farm

Starting us off, Greer Farm is near Daingerfield, TX. This is a fantastic place to pick a variety of fresh crops. Greer Farms has apples, berries, pears, figs, and plums! You can take home honey, meat, eggs, and vegetables from the farm as well!

Something that sets Greer Farm apart is they offer private culinary lessons. You can also enjoy a luxurious farm-to-table dining experience next to an 11-acre lake. The best part? There are log cabins where visitors can stay overnight!

2. Efurd Orchard

This fantastic orchard is situated pretty far from any major city and offers a wonderful assortment of crops. Superb fruits have been produced by Efurd Orchards for more than 50 years, and meticulous cultivation pays off!

This popular farm provides a seasonal cycle of crops for various fruits and vegetables. Throughout the summer and early fall, Efurd Orchards is a great place to make a trip where guests may hand-pick delectable fresh food.

Fruit enthusiasts around the world laud Efurd Orchards for producing deliciously sweet peaches, apples, sweet potatoes, berries, and more!

3. Froberg Farms

In order to provide you with an extensive selection of food all year round, Froberg’s Farm not only sells its very own seasonal produce but also a large number of different types of produce from other regions.

They have year-round fruit and vegetable harvesting if you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty. Their most well-liked activity, strawberry harvesting, often begins in January and lasts until late May. May is the beginning of blackberry picking, which lasts until July.

But what about apple picking? For all you fall lovers out there, Frober has an annual fall festival. It goes from the last weekend of September through the first weekend of November.

During this time, you can enjoy apple picking, a corn maze, a pumpkin patch, and plenty of family-friendly activities!

4. Love Creek Orchards

Do not pass up the chance to visit Love Creek Orchards. You can go here if you find yourself in or around Medina. All through the summer and spring seasons, you may go apple, fig, and blackberry picking. This place has something for everyone. There are hay mazes, fields of pumpkins, and entertaining autumn festivals when fall arrives.

We highly suggest stopping at the Apple Store at Love Creek Orchards, regardless of the season. Find locally created trinkets and presents, or take home an apple tree to plant yourself!

After a long day of harvesting your own freshly picked fruit, if you’re feeling hungry try some of The Apple Store’s delectable sweets. Apple ice cream or freshly cooked pies, baked goods, and bread that are covered in jam and jellies from the kitchen are delicious ways to satiate just about any craving you have!

5. Henrietta Creek Orchard

To learn about the history of the goodies you can pick, go to Henrietta Creek Apple Orchard in Texas. This place is much more than an orchard. You can learn all about the different types of apples and the pollinators, such as bees, that contribute to the environment.

Academic institutions use this orchard located in Roanoke. After consuming all the knowledge that your noggin’ can handle, grab a basket and start picking fruit! Although there are tasty apples available, there are seasonal vegetables and juicy peaches as well!

6. Morath Orchard

Over 40 years ago, Morath Orchard began as a tiny household farm. This small, previous peach farm has grown into a thriving farm that produces a wide variety of crops, including apples. In Wichita Falls, TX, Morath has become a pillar of the local agriculture industry.

You can have a genuine Texan farm dinner when you visit Morath Orchards. After taking an orchard tour, savor a freshly gathered, three-course lunch from an established menu.

Because space is limited for authentic farm dining events, be sure to reach out early to schedule a reservation.

7. Top of Texas

If you’re traveling near Lubbock, TX, consider making a stop at Top Of Texas Farms. While many of the farms in Texas focus solely on peaches, this one has a plethora of apples waiting for you to collect!

The apple butter here is unbeatable. You can take a basket of apples home, and pick up a few containers of apple jam, jelly, and butter to enjoy later! This is one of the few apple orchards in the area and is a bit off the beaten path, making it all the more authentic.

8. Fruit n Such Orchard

While Houston is a popular city, it doesn’t have a wide variety of apple orchards. One that is worth your time is aptly named Fruits ‘n Such. Fruits ‘n Such Orchard isn’t just an orchard for growing apples.

However, if you come here at the right time of year, there are apples there for the picking!

Buyers have praised Fruits ‘n Such online for its broad product variety and ambiance of a tiny farm stand. The luscious berries, luscious tomatoes, and numerous fresh, healthful vegetables won’t let you down.

9. Austin Orchards

Many orchards exist in Texas, although not every one of them is dedicated to growing apples. Despite the fact that apples aren’t the farm’s main crop, Austin Orchards is included in this compilation of the top apple orchards in Texas.

If you visit Austin Orchards at the right time of year, you can get tasty fruit. Even without apples, there are many other fantastic crops to choose from at this Garfield orchard.

It is definitely worth a visit due to the enormous variety of fruits and vegetables that can be selected by hand there.

You can carry home fresh, luscious peaches, blackberries, cherries, pears, pomegranates, figs, raisins, lemons, limes, watermelons, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables according to the season.

10. Sweet Berry Farm

Located in Marble Falls, Sweet Berry Farm has something for everyone! With 152 acres to roam, this is central Texas’ ultimate fall farm! There isn’t an entry or parking fee, making it a great option for those on a budget.

Like other farms on this list, they have fun fall activities such as a corn maze and a pumpkin patch. Plus, kids and adults alike will love saying hello to their friendly goats!

11. Sonlight Apple Orchard

You’ll find Sonlight Apple Orchard in Mason, TX. This is a great place to go if you’re thinking about taking a southern vacation. This orchard, which is Mason County’s pride and joy, features apple picking along with other activities.

Sonlight’s distinctive bed and breakfast is a cozy hamlet tucked away in a lovely agricultural setting. Guests can return to this quaint two-bedroom getaway after an exhausting day of gathering fruit, unwinding, and enjoying an apple cider while watching the sunset over the horizon.

12. Apple Valley Orchard

The delicious range of apples produced by this family-run apple orchard in Texas includes the gala, fuji, and more. You can choose fiery jalapenos and luscious berries during the summer season on a trip to Apple Valley Orchard.

This place also offers delectable baked items, apple cider, and apple butter in addition to freshly picked fruit. Even if you visit on a day when u-pick isn’t offered, you’ll certainly leave with a few tasty delights.

Final Thoughts

Visiting Texas’ top apple orchards this fall is a must, whether you’re a Texas resident or just on holiday. Texas orchards have the potential to grow big, tasty fruits that you will appreciate because of the state’s lengthy season for growth and healthy soil.

Summary of the Best Apple-Picking Farms in Texas

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Julie Marshall/Shutterstock.com

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Peach season is ‘one of the worst’ in years. Here’s what Texas orchards are saying.

North Texas peach farms are maintaining a steady supply despite a peach shortage across the United States.Drought conditions last year paired with a mild winter and late cold snap this year proved detrimental for the peach crop throughout the country, including the Texas Hill Country.Ham Orchards manager Richard Strange said he’s received calls from orchards all over the country asking if their p...

North Texas peach farms are maintaining a steady supply despite a peach shortage across the United States.

Drought conditions last year paired with a mild winter and late cold snap this year proved detrimental for the peach crop throughout the country, including the Texas Hill Country.

Ham Orchards manager Richard Strange said he’s received calls from orchards all over the country asking if their peaches are in stock.

“This is probably one of the worst peach crop seasons for the country that I can ever remember,” said Strange, who’s been growing peaches for 46 years.

This year Ham Orchards, located in Terrell, has seen a 60 percent crop from their typical supply.

The orchard opened for the season mid-May and has maintained supply while a third of the way through peach season.

Although he’s received calls from people outside of the area wanting to buy peaches, Strange is committed to providing for his storefront first.

“I can’t sell my peaches wholesale to somebody in Louisiana or Arkansas or Austin and then turn around and then have a weekend come up the next weekend and I’m short here at my place,” he said. “My priority is to keep our store running and keep a good supply for our loyal customers.”

A series of cloudy days versus hot, sunny days makes all the difference when it comes to which peach variety is ripe and ready to sell.

Ham Orchards keeps customers updated on which varieties are ready via their Facebook page, although Strange said all the peaches will get sweeter further into the season.

Customers can buy peaches at the orchard until mid-August at 11939 Co Rd. 309 in Terrell.

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service predicted a 30 percent typical season for Texas peach producers this year.

Despite this, Rees’s Peaches orchard in Aledo has seen a good crop, owner and founder Rees Atkins said.

“The length of winter is super relative to when a peach tree blooms or how well it does, they call it ‘chill hours’,” Atkins said. “This year we had a lot of chill hours but most of the hours came early.”

Each variety of peach tree requires a certain amount of chill hours.

Atkins said his early bloomer trees starting blooming in March and 20 degree days during that time would have been the kiss of death for the crop.

There are six peach varieties at Rees’s Peaches orchard: Texas Prince, Texas Royal, Majestic, Dixieland, Bounty and Belle of Georgia.

Texas Prince peaches are ripe in May and Texas Royal are ripe in June. Majestic, Dixieland and Bounty are all ripe in July, and Belle of Georgia in late July and early August, Atkins said.

Rees’s Peaches sell their peaches at the Cowtown Farmers Market on 8901 Clifford St. in White Settlement and at the Clearfork Farmers Market at 4801 Edwards Ranch Rd. in Fort Worth.

If you’re looking for more ways to buy, the Parker County Peach Festival will be held July 8 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. which has live music and peach stands.

This story was originally published June 14, 2023, 3:25 PM.

Denton neighbors turn impressive collection into 'The Chairy Orchard'

Two longtime neighbors turned their setback into something fruitful (in a way) for everyone to enjoy.DENTON, Texas — The old saying is, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."But two longtime neighbors on Churchhill Drive in Denton have turned one setback into cherries.Well,...

Two longtime neighbors turned their setback into something fruitful (in a way) for everyone to enjoy.

DENTON, Texas — The old saying is, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

But two longtime neighbors on Churchhill Drive in Denton have turned one setback into cherries.

Well, actually they turned it into “chairies.”

“I used to have chairs in a tree in (the backyard) that we called a 'chairy' tree as a joke,” said Judy Smith.

But an empty lot in her neighborhood near Avondale Park gave that “chairy tree” a chance to grew into a full-fledged “Chairy Orchard” after Judy and her neighbor, Anne Pearson, began collecting all the chairs they could find.

Eight years later, The Chairy Orchard is a spot people come to take pictures, read books, have picnics, or just sit and relax in one of the hundreds of chairs.

This morning @chrissadeghi takes us to the "Chairy Orchard," a quirky collection of chairs in Denton! What's something YOU collect? #IAMUP pic.twitter.com/w53TcrqBtE

— WFAA Daybreak (@WFAADaybreak) April 13, 2023

“We get schools, people come and do yoga classes,” Anne said. “We have even had some weddings.”

It all happens on a piece of land Pearson purchased nearly 40 years ago for an investment property. However, plans to build on the lot were dashed when FEMA later designated it as a floodway.

But Anne and Judy have made the most of it and then some with The Chairy Orchard.

“It is a wonderful thing,” said Judy. “We get so much feedback and it is all positive.”

The two have grown their collection by going to garage sales, spotting abandoned chairs on curbs, and even digging some out of dumpsters.

Some chairs are rather ordinary while others are a little more extravagant or odd.

Then there are the chairs that have a special theme, or as Judy calls them, “carica-chairs.”

Such as the chair made from mannequin arms called the “arm chair.” Or the one covered in toy car wheels known as the “wheel chair.” Then there is the circle of rocking horses named the “chair-ousel” and the “ceme-chairy” is where broken or damage chairs are placed.

Finally, if you look up and see the chair hanging from a tree branch, you have found the “high chair.”

The Chairy Orchard is free to see but visitors are given the chance to donate to the “chair-ity” box at the end.

Other things to do in North Texas:

Apple Orchards You Should Visit This Fall in Texas

During the fall, apples are one of the many fruits in their prime. Its versatility can be seen in many of our mid-year favorites: from apple cider, apple pie, and caramel apples – the list goes on.While we can always get fruits from the local grocer, why not pick them yourself? Across ...

During the fall, apples are one of the many fruits in their prime. Its versatility can be seen in many of our mid-year favorites: from apple cider, apple pie, and caramel apples – the list goes on.

While we can always get fruits from the local grocer, why not pick them yourself? Across Texas, the state is packed with farms and orchards that give a whole new meaning to the word fresh. For those who like to get creative in the kitchen and yearn for a farm-to-table experience, take a trip to one of the many apple orchards in the Lone Star State.

The farm and country store open all year-round, is ushering in the fall season this year with its fresh fruits. Get lost-and-found in the corn maze and frolic through the farm's fresh orchards. At Froberg Farms, guests can pick strawberries, blackberries citrus and more.

Froberg Farms, 3601 West Hwy 6. Alvin, Texas 77511. For more information, visit https://frobergsfarm.com

Get a blast from the past at the Efurd Orchard in Pittsburg. The small farm boasts a large variety of fruits and vegetables, and fall means that guests can enjoy apples, plums, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, blackberries, and blueberries.

Efurd Orchard, 4004 Highway 271 South, Pittsburg, TX 75686. For more information, visit https://efurdorchard.com

Housed in Medina, Love Creek Orchards is a fan favorite for apple picking. The apple orchard was founded in 1981 and allows guests to pick their own fruits, however the fun doesn't stop at just the orchard. Attendees can shop at the apple store (no iPhone included), and enjoy the patio cafe.

Love Creek Orchards, 14024 TX-16 N, Medina, TX 78055. For more information, visit, http://lovecreekorchards.com

Claiming to harbor the sweetest apples in Texas, the Sonlight Apple Orchard is a must-visit. Based in Mason, the orchard has been open since 1984, and the farm is home to all things apple. At the orchard, you can see visit the Apple Barn, or stay the night at their Apple Cottage Bed and Breakfast.

Sonlight Apple Orchard, 600 Austin St, Mason, TX 76856. For more information visit, https://sonlightappleorchard.com.

Spread across 32 acres of land, Apple Valley Orchard has all your seasonal fruit needs: from apples, blackberries, peaches, figs, and more. Get fresh produce from their storefront and delight in their homemade jams, pies, and fresh apple cider.

Apple Valley Orchard, 2340 TX-16, Llano, TX 78643. For more information, visit, their Facebook.

‘Chairy Orchard' to close after 8 years following continued vandalism

A beacon of joy among Denton residents will close its doors on June 18.For the past eight years, co-founders Anne Pearson and Judy Smith, have kept the fun of the Chairy Orchard alive.The park is home to hundreds of eclectic chairs -- tiny chairs, huge chairs, and everything in between -- but most of all, this park is home to memories.One might ask, why chairs? For Pears...

A beacon of joy among Denton residents will close its doors on June 18.

For the past eight years, co-founders Anne Pearson and Judy Smith, have kept the fun of the Chairy Orchard alive.

The park is home to hundreds of eclectic chairs -- tiny chairs, huge chairs, and everything in between -- but most of all, this park is home to memories.

One might ask, why chairs? For Pearson, the answer is simple: "Everyone can identify with chairs." Chairs have arms, legs, a seat, and a back, everything that resembles a person, Pearson said. They hold memories themselves.

"People walk up to us with tears in their eyes and say we had our baby pictures here, our engagement pictures here, people got married here," Pearson said.

‘Chairy Park' in Denton Brings Whimsical Charm to Neighborhood

"The Chairy Orchard was started by two neighbors who are now in their 80s," they wrote in a Facebook post. "They always said they would close it when it was no longer fun to maintain."

Due to a growing number of incidents of vandalism and theft, the "Chairy Fairies" say that time has now come.

Smith and Pearson said that a month ago they didn't have a single thought of closing the park, but after area schools went on summer break, they saw a huge uptick in vandalism. It became too much work to keep up with.

"[We're] sad because it's affected so many people. [We're] not sad that it's over because it's work and we're getting old," Pearson and Smith said.

Denton Parks and Recreation is looking to rehouse some of the bigger chairs and other exhibits at various parks and locations within the city, the park announced on Facebook.

Denton residents can visit the park until June 18 and guests are invited to take their favorite chair home, though organizers ask that other exhibits are left untouched.

The chairs that remain will be removed -- organizers are collecting donations via Venmo (@thechairyorchard) to help cover the costs of removing the chairs.


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