Post-Surgical Peripheral Neuropathy

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Post-Surgical Peripheral Neuropathy

Post-Surgical Peripheral Neuropathy is nerve pain after surgery, lasting longer than three months. This is different from the pain you may experience while healing from the surgery. The pain is generally a result of an injury to the peripheral nervous system during the surgery. However, it is not always a mistake made during surgery; patients with vitamin deficiencies and prior nerve damage are more susceptible to developing post-surgical peripheral neuropathy. Post-Surgical Peripheral Neuropathy can go away with time, but sometimes it can become chronic when it is not treated appropriately.


When the peripheral nervous system is damaged or compressed for an extended time during surgery, it can interfere with the signaling between the brain and the rest of the body. As a result, individuals with post surgical neuropathy may experience loss of sensation, pain, and muscle weakness.

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