Texas Nerve and Spine is conveniently located right off Highway 59 in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas at 210 Century Square Blvd Suite 200 Sugar Land, Texas 77478

The Program

This program is for individuals recently diagnosed with neuropathy and/or anyone suffering from chronic pain. Additionally, anyone who has been suffering with neuropathy, chronic pain, or neuropathy-like conditions for years, tried numerous medications with little to no success, and wants to try a more effective approach.

Texas Nerve and Spine is unlike any other clinic you have been before. Our approach is completely
different from what you have experienced with other doctors. This is not a cookie-cutter or assembly-
line experience for treatments that address only symptoms. Your experience starts with an in-depth
evaluation to develop your blueprint back to good health and ends with the recreation of the strength
and vitality you once had. We don’t manage symptoms at Texas Nerve and Spine…we build healthy

For over 15 years, Texas Nerve and Spine has successfully worked with patients suffering from many of the
symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy, chronic pain, and neuropathy like conditions. However, Texas
Nerve and Spine does not treat the symptoms associated with these conditions and other similar medical
conditions. Instead, programs developed at Texas Nerve and Spine address the factors in each patient that are
causing the symptoms to occur in the first place, rather than treat the symptoms themselves. As our patients
become stronger and stronger, as their health improves exponentially with each session, they will have the
opportunity to experience relief of their symptoms and enjoy an improved quality of life with greater resistance to

The main problem for patients suffering from this debilitating and very painful disease is that doctors have said the only options available are either to just live with the problem or try the drugs currently used to mask the symptoms of Neuropathy. Most people don’t like taking these powerful drugs because they make them feel lethargic and very foggy. “Zombie-like” is how many patients describe how they feel when they take the drugs currently prescribed to manage Neuropathy symptoms. In addition, because these medications do nothing to correct the underlying cause of the problem, the patient’s disease continues to get worse. As a result, the patient’s quality of life continues to deteriorate, leading to being prescribed even more medications. It’s a vicious cycle that leaves many patients depressed, frustrated, and disabled. There is a BETTER WAY!

Based on our over 15 years being in practice, we can say with extreme confidence the chances of this
program being right for you are very favorable! Don’t be so quick to write yourself off no matter what you
may have tried in the past or what another doctor has told you. However, not everyone diagnosed with
Peripheral Neuropathy or those suffering from idiopathic pain or symptoms synonymous with nerve
disease can benefit from this program.  On some occasions, a patient can come to us too late in the
process. Therefore, it is critically important for every single person suffering from these conditions to
schedule a consultation and exam with our clinic immediately. The sooner we can meet with you, identify
your problem, design a plan of attack, and provide you with the necessary care…the better! Don’t
assume your condition is not reversible. Make an appointment with us ASAP and give yourself the
opportunity to discover if this program is right for you!

What To Expect

Your first visit at Texas Nerve and Spine is dedicated to you, your assessment, and your evaluation. You
will meet privately with one of our nerve experts who will go over your medical history, discuss your
past and present symptoms, perform all diagnostic testing applicable to your case, and determine if any
of the Texas Nerve and Spine programs are right for you and your condition. If all the data collected
during your assessment determines you qualify for care, an individualized program will be designed by
our team of experts. Of course, we will thoroughly review all the details of this program with you to
make sure you fully understand the nature of what will be provided to you. After reviewing the details
of the program, if you like what you have heard and wish to get started, you will finish your first visit
reviewing all the different payment options applicable to your individualized program.

Patients in our program can expect to participate in a therapy session 1-3x per week for a period of 8-16 weeks.  All of our programs are rooted in the methodology of rehabilitation and rehabilitation of any kind is always rooted in the principle of repetition.  Constant and consistent exposure to the therapy stimulus is crucial to achieving the progress that will see exponential progress from session to session and from week to week.    

Costs, Fees, & Insurance

Texas Nerve and Spine has exhausted every single resource available to discover any insurance provider(s) that
covers therapeutic rehabilitation of peripheral neuropathy or neuropathy like conditions. Unfortunately, we
discovered the only form of treatment covered for such diseases is the use of prescription drugs to try and manage
the person’s symptoms and some isolated surgical procedures. Safe and effective therapeutic rehabilitation is not
covered by any major medical provider or Medicare/Medicaid at this time. However, Texas Nerve and Spine has
gone to great lengths to control the cost of our care programs and make them affordable for the overwhelming
majority of Texans.

Yes, HSA funds can be used to cover the costs associated with all programs.

Texas Nerve and Spine does offer financing options to cover the cost of care.