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Is your Pain Making Life Difficult?

These should be the best years of your life but no matter what you try your pain keeps getting in the way. At times you may feel…

  • Disappointed because you feel there is no solution
  • Frustrated because you can’t live the life you want
  • Discouraged because the pain never goes away

we are a leading team of nerve and chronic pain experts with over 25 Years of Clinical Experience

Dr. David Martino D.C.

Dr. David Martino D.C.

Clinical Director

“I am confident we have put together the most extraordinary team of health care professionals committed to changing our patient’s lives.” ~ Dr. David Martino D.C.

Get The relief you deserve

Texas Nerve and spine has successfully helped thousands of patients from across the nation suffering with chronic pain and nerve disease reclaim their health and get back to enjoying the life they love FREE from pain.

With decades of experience, our expert panel of pain and nerve doctors affectionately named “The Dream Team” by our patients, utilize the most advanced proven therapy system available today. This system effectively restores your health and corrects the cause of your problem, and does not use dangerous pharmaceutical drugs or costly invasive surgeries.

Your Path to Recovery

Step 1

Identify Root Cause

We perform a detailed exam and review your medical history.

Step 2

Develop Plan For Healing

We create a customized therapy program designed for you.

Step 3

Provide Plan of Care

We work to reduce pain, strengthen tissue, and increase mobility.

Step 4

Continued Support

Our expert staff will assess your journey towards recovery.

Our unique system has been developed specifically for chronic pain and nerve disease

Reduce Pain Without Medication

Increase Movement & Mobility

Restore Sensation and Touch

Improve Strength Vitality & Well-Being

Get Lasting Relief From These Conditions

You Don't Have to Continue Living in Constant Pain & Giving Up The Things You Love To Do.

There is a better way. Get the healthcare you deserve and start your path to a recovery today.